I have for sale my PCH SG5 Forester Cross Sport, bought it a couple months back with a lot of work to do and when I finally got it to a decent stage my company decided to give me a car which I am entirely grateful for because of my son's situation. Problem is that I have no room to park the both cars otherwise I would have kept it. Asking price is $95,000 negotiable. see spec below.

Freshly painted body
Replaced headgasket
Timing belt
Throughly cleaned head
new water pump
changed most hoses to silicone, just radiator hoses to complete
replaced leaking radiator
Added oil cooler for transmission
replaced all fluids with Subaru replacements
Added corner spats and front STi Lip
Cross Sport Grill with pink 5 Star Emblem
Replaced interior carpet and fitted better condition rear cross sport seats with reclinable option
Fitted WRX front seats
Replaced all trunk interior including privacy cover
Repainted stereo finishers and fitted stereo
Changed Door interiors where they needed replacing
Replaced all mats
Swapped the instrument cluster to an STi cluster, original mileage was 247,000 Km before the work was done to the engine, STi cluster indicates just about 130,000 Km, didn't change to indicate a lower mileage and car will come with original cluster as well
Fitted WRX STi shock and spring combo as I didn't want the harshness of the coilovers
Changed Steering rack seals (absolutely no leaks)
Fitted OZ 18" wheels 18x8.0 +35mm
Added a Zero Sports Cooling Panel and also aftermarket bonnet Carbon Bonnet dampers
Replaced the horrible USDM Headlight setup with Original Xenon ones and also fitted LED park and ID Plate lights
Changed A/C compressor and lines and gassed it and everything works fine, no leaks

Things left to do was to do a final flush on the transmission, a regular service as it is due (I will do this before sale) and check brake pads and change brake fluid and bleed. Let me know your thoughts and anyone genuinely interested feel free to call me. Vehicle is very reliable, hence the reason I bought another one as I had one previously.