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Thread: DIY - Rear Brake Shoe Dis-assembly

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    DIY - Rear Brake Shoe Dis-assembly

    done by Ravi and Myself on my car.

    1 - bird beak pliers
    2 - 12 bolt [at least 1 inch long [1.25 pitch]
    3 - flat head screwdriver
    4 - 14 socket with 1/2" drive ratchet.
    5 - 14 socket with 1/2" drive ratchet.

    remove calipers (follow other writeups to see how to do this)
    ensure handbrake is DOWN!

    stick in 12 bolt to pry off the rotor.

    interchange the 12 bolt in both holes to evenly distribute the load.
    then remove rotor.

    Remove 2 shoe holders with pliers[turn and twist motion]

    remove adjuster

    hold both shoes and lift off, removing springs at top at the same time. they will no longer be under tension.

    1 - it is difficult to put back in shoe to handbrake cable. be careful of clipping fingers or getting cut while doing so.
    2 - DO NOT LOSE THE BRAKE SHOE HOLDER PINS! (see pic below)

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