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    WTK: Band Expander

    Hi all,

    I bought a 2013 Impreza from Japan but the radio is still in the Japanese frequency band range. I heard installing a band expander will solve the problem but three questions related to...
  2. The car's on stock suspension and it's a 1.6 TS. ...

    The car's on stock suspension and it's a 1.6 TS.

    I'll have the offset rechecked and see if it's that because I know my front wheels have a lip that needs to be put before the wheel is bolted on...
  3. Thanks for the info on it being a wheel/tyre...

    Thanks for the info on it being a wheel/tyre fitment issue GDA.

    The wheels I'm using are SSW 17" S070 I believe which usually has an offset of 35 to 45 mm (will have to double check this in the...
  4. WTK: Rear Height Adjustable Suspension for '05 TS

    Hi everyone,

    Like the title says, I trying to find out if it have any rear height adjustable suspension for an '05 TS. Basically what happen is that the wheels I have is 17" and I think it touches...
  5. Rear ABS Calipers and Suspension Upgrade on Impreza 2005

    Yo people, I still new here so I don't know if any of these questions have been answered. So, two quick questions:

    1)On the Impreza 2005 I have, the rear suspension isn't adjustable. I was...
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    Sticky: Re: ~ Introduce yourself ~

    Hi, I'm Aniel and I'm currently driving an 2005 Impreza 1.6 JF. Looking forward to learning a thing or two while I'm here.
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